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    Inishowen Candles

    Soy wax is biodegradable and any spillages are easily cleaned using soap and warm water

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    Inishowen Candles

    Not only environmentally friendly but one of the longest burning candles available

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    Natural Skincare

    We make our own skincare products that contain only natural pure ingredients that will nourish and care for your skin.

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We are Mick and Maria, we manufacture and distribute all the goods that are produced by Inishowen Candles.

We started the company in 2011, as Maria, a qualified and registered Homeopath and Reflexologist, and a confirmed candle user, was concerned and confused regarding the issues with Paraffin wax.

After several weeks of testing and trials we began producing candles using 100% Advanced Soy Wax, with cotton wicks with a paper core. Our criteria then,as is now, was to produce candles and associated items that are environmentally friendly, safe for the consumer to use in their home and would give value for money.